Frequently Asked Question

What is AGORZ?

AGORZ is an app designed to offer customers an extensive yet highly personalized shopping experience. It offers users a degree of Inclusivity and convenience, with an aim to cater equal opportunities and resources, and with a purpose to offers users a degree of versatility and choice that’s truly unmatched.

What are the benefits of AGORZ?

  • For customers

    From compelling offers and an integrated reward and referral program to its Inclusivity and the convenience of accessing a wide range of services.
    Customers get to access various market segments and can utilize the multiple services according to their requirements from our multi services platform. With a combination of multiple sectors of business into one application. As a result, the customers will get to access various market segments, and they mostly need to log into only one platform.

  • For partner provider

    Grow online and introduce your store to new customers in your area interested in delivery, pickup, and more.
    When you list your business on the AGORZ app or website, customers can find you on the marketplace and order for delivery or pickup. Manage incoming orders through your tablet, and we’ll help with the delivery logistics, with AGORZ WoW or your own drivers.

AGORZ Products & Service type

  • AGORZ Marketplace

    Partner with AGORZ, list your store in our marketplace and introduce your business to new customers in your area interested and grow online with a new revenue stream and offer the customers pickup or delivery services.

  • AGORZ Market Service type

    • Order delivery on Provider – Store own drivers
    • Order delivery on AGORZ WoW
    • Order Pickup & Go Service